So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?
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Thread: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

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    So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    This year has been one of my quieter ones in terms of watch acquisitions. I've been squirreling away funds for a grail and at the slow rate I'm saving it's still many months away. However I did find this Seiko at such a ridiculous price I was forced to purchase it.

    I also picked up a Timex but passed it on pretty quickly. So what about you guys. Pick up anything interesting this year?


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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    H101 Marlin, All steel screwback like I used to have before I lost it. Now I just need to find the right steel bracelet.

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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    I've bought two quartz watches Tudor Geneve and Certina.
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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    Ouch, now look what you made me do. I seem to have purchased 15 watches this year, and sold only one. But seriously, all things considered, I don't really regret any of them, and I truly love more than half. Maybe 2018 will be a year of consolidation where I sell some of the watches I'm less attached to, in order to purchase a few special examples.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 8.32.21 AM.jpg
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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    Four new additions to the collection this year...

    First, the '57 Tissot Visodate (obviously, equipped with the cal. 27B-621), which I bought in January:
    Name:  visodate1957-2.jpeg
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    Before service and crystal replacement

    Name:  visodatewrist2.JPG
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    After service, with new crystal

    Then, there was the only big fail I've ever scored - the 14ct Tissot Antimagnetique from 1947, with a dial that's been tampered with, and the movement had a ton of issues (worn mainspring, a corroded screw stuck in the baseplate, loose mainspring barrel):

    Name:  tissot14k1.JPG
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    All of its issues earned it the nickname "Golden Disaster" - it's still being repaired as I write this, but here it is with a new replacement dial and a decent set of hands, transplanted from a donor watch with a ruined movement and a knackered chrome plated case, as well as a new crystal and crown:

    Name:  20170826_194319-01.jpg
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    I'm fairly confident that this Disaster is on the right way to not being a disaster any longer.

    Won this little steel '59 Mido Multifort with a Taubert case in Matt's giveaway here in F11:
    Name:  midowrist4.JPG
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    ...and received this wonderful, little Eterna (1943 ref.106 BDT, cal. 905H) as a gift from a fellow collector and friend (if you're reading this, thanks again!)
    Name:  42eternawrist.JPG
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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    My only vintage this year was a Timex Quartz Jump Minute. I bought it on eBay. The seller said it was serviced per Timex documentation. I have no reason to doubt it - it’s running strong and keeping time perfectly. (I know keeping time perfectly is a given and taken for granted with quartz, but I’ve had vintage Timex quartz stray.) And there is very, very minimal brassing and zero pitting. Anyway, I’m totally chuffed with this. The jumping minute is super cool. And the size is just perfect for a vintage piece. It’s a 34mm with 18mm lugs - I have a couple 33mm with 19mm lugs that are kind of goofy and tricky to find a fitting strap.
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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    Quote Originally Posted by yankeexpress View Post

    H101 Marlin, All steel screwback like I used to have before I lost it. Now I just need to find the right steel bracelet.

    Is that the model that has an option for an hourly and half hourly chime?

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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    The Vulcain Cricket 6001

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20171213_114602.jpg 
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ID:	12764931

    Timex Military Issue

    Attachment 12764957

    LeCoultre Memovox

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20171010_134652_HDR.jpg 
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ID:	12764971

    Camy Crystal 1001 Sputnik

    Name:  Camy1.jpg
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    Rolex Oyster Chronometre Observatory

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170926_112839.jpg 
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ID:	12764983

    EB Chronometre

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	yimg-104133550-9002--2095472860.jpg 
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ID:	12764985

    Harwood Automatic Display Back

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20171004_122212.jpg 
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ID:	12765009

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Back.jpg 
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ID:	12765005
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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    Quite a few went in and out, of course, but this Junghans below is the most interesting of the bunch. I've been searching for vintage Junghans watches designed by Max Bill in stainless steel cases for a couple of years now. I first found a handwinder with a white dial and no numerals (powered by cal. J84/S10) in spring 2016, I believe. I'm still beyond happy to own it, but two pieces were missing, an automatic with the numerals and a white dial, and a handwinder with the lumed numerals on top of a black dial.

    Although the reissues are very popular, the originals were only produced for a few yearsyears in the first half of the 1960's (1961--1963, if I'm not mistaken), and it's not all that easy to find them for sale, even less so if you're gold-plating averse as I am. Anyhow, I found this automatic in spring (April?); it looked a bit rough, but nothing a quick clean-up, service and a new plexi couldn't solve. And to much of my surprise, it's not powered by the more economic version of cal. J83, the J83/E, which was installed in all other vintage automatic "Max Bills" -- nope, it turns out mine is powered by the better chronometer version, J83/S, where S stands for *S*wan neck regulator, I believe, so it comes with hacking seconds and all. It's the only "Max Bill" automatic I found with that variant after consulting with a few collectors, but it seems completely possible that it may have left the Schramberg factory like that because Junghans wasn't always super consistent; never mind that it was described as J83/E in the eBay listing, but there were no movement pictures. It also doesn't make much sense to frankenize a watch with the more expensive, chronometer version of the movement; the other way around, sure, but this was certainly a bit of a (positive) surprise.

    But, I digress. Here it is, as received (left) and all cleaned up (right).

    Name:  collage.jpg
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    Here it is with the handwinding brother I found last year.
    Name:  FullSizeRender 63.jpg
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    Name:  FullSizeRender 69.jpg
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    The hunt for the black one continues, though I'm quite content if I stay with these two only; the black one's not my favourite anyway and it would conclude an enjoyable episode in my collecting story; I wouldn't want that -- the hunt is half the fun anyway. I actually saw the black one on an eBay auction earlier this year for the first time since I've been hunting them down, but I couldn't afford/justify spending that much on it at the time (I think it went for around 800 eur?), so perhaps in 2018!
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    Re: So... 2017 did you pick up anything interesting?

    Too many too list, but this one is sweet...

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