so I got my Oceanographer back...

Thread: so I got my Oceanographer back...

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    so I got my Oceanographer back...

    from having the movement serviced and a slight clean-up. I tossed a Dimodell Jumbo strap on it and put it in rotation. The age patina and other small flaws it has I can live with. I think screwing around with the dial might actually detract because I don't know if the metallic finish could be duplicated. Anyway, the watchmaker took care of some of the items like minimising the oxy spots on the hands and more importantly, with the movement serviced it now has a whopping 40 hours of reserve power, up from about 8 when I got it.
    Not bad for a 42 year old watch....
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    Re: so I got my Oceanographer back...

    Great looking watch, and very wise to leave the dial alone. The patina just adds character to the watch.
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    Re: so I got my Oceanographer back...

    Oceanographers are great iconic Bulovas.

    Here is mine. The case is a solid piece of stainless.
    I have to use special thin curved springbars due to tight fit.

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    Re: so I got my Oceanographer back...

    Mmm. Yet another watch for my list... sigh.

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