Solar Birkdale ... Fashion accessory?
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Thread: Solar Birkdale ... Fashion accessory?

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    Solar Birkdale ... Fashion accessory?

    This watch came up on the bay a while back, and it caught my eye for a few reasons. I have several (!) Solar pocket watches, not to mention some Superva's (another Eatons brand), and one thing that I'd noticed is that the basic design of Eatons watches didn't really change much from decade to decade; the same general case styles, the same hands, the same dial design. So right off the bat, this particular Solar jumped out at me.
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    The whole look of this watch is markedly different from my other Solar pocket watches.

    Adding to the appeal of this was that it came in its original case
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    I don't have a lot of cases (and don't actually care much for them anyway, since the velvet collects dust like a sponge unless you keep the case closed, and what's the point of that?) However, it's nice to have a few; especially when it's clearly the original (the space for the watch is a perfect fit, right down to the cutout for the bow).

    Finally, there was the movement. All my other Solar and Superva pocket watches had various Unitas varients, but this one had something completely different.
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    That's a Cyma Ref. 769 (negative setting for the Canadian made A.W.C.Co case) bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Cyma 769.
    The movement is quite nicely finished (and I always love movements that use spring steel instead of wire for the setting mechanism). It's a true three-cock movement with 17 jewels; rather then put a jewel on the dial side of the center wheel though, they instead have a cap jewel on the escape wheel. Not quite sure of the logic of that, as it really only helps in the Dial Up position.

    The final oddity was the name on the movement: Birkdale. Birkdale was one of Eaton's many trademarks (originally registered in 1925), but it was mostly used on their clothing lines (I've found many references to Birkdale Jackets and Fedoras etc). I can't find any reference to "Birkdale" relating to watches at all. It does kinda fit, since this 17''' movement would have probably been sold as a "dress" watch; I may have to go back through my old catalogs to see if they had watches shown on some of their Suit layouts.
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    Re: Solar Birkdale ... Fashion accessory?

    Nice looking Pocket watch AbslomRob,
    The two tone dial and moon hands really appeal.I can`t say much about "Birkdale" though.Could the serial no.s of your other Solar pw help you determine where this might fit,or are they not Cyma movements.It`s a very low serial number?

    Edit"Sorry,missed where you mentioned your other Solars had Unitas movements.Pretty low serial no. though?
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    Re: Solar Birkdale ... Fashion accessory?

    I expect the serial number is Cyma's. Unfortunately, there's no date list for them that I'm aware of. Based on the number relative to other Cyma's I've seen, and the original trademark date of 1925, I'm guessing between 1925 and 1930. The one I linked to from Ranfft's database is shown as 1935, and has a 6 digit serial, but that assumes that the serial is purely sequential and doesn't have other inventory elements in it.
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