Solid gold back, GF bezel

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    Solid gold back, GF bezel

    Trying to work out the legitimacy of a 9ct Solid gold back with a 1/10 GF bezel.

    The case seems to be 'right' in that the maker is the same between both parts and the fit is perfect.

    My brain is struggling with this, as I have never seen this combo before.

    Watch is a 1970s Milus dress watch BTW.

    Service replacement bezel/back most likely?

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    Re: Solid gold back, GF bezel

    In my opinion either an outright Frankenwatch or a service bezel. A steel back on a gold case is just about plausible but the other way round (even if it is just the bezel) seems very odd.....

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    Re: Solid gold back, GF bezel

    It does make a certain amount of sense in that the caseback is subject to a more wear and sweat then the bezel, so you'd be more worried about wearing through a plated caseback. Gold in the late 60's was fairly cheap compared its rise in value in the 70's, so prior to 1972, it might not have been as odd as it sounds.
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