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    Hi, i'm new around here and was just wondering if anybody knows anything about Solora? I know theyre related to Liga thats about it, anybody know anything about the co.. Cheers

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    Re: Solora?

    Sorry that noone replied up to now but that's a sure sign that, based on the evidence, we don't know any more either. Mikrolisk, as you have found out yourself, give a link to Liga in Solothurn (Switzerland) but that's about it. Are we talking about a wrist watch or a pocket watch? What sort of age? Even then, the chances are that it is a minor maker using generic movements (at best, ETA, Adolf Schilds FHF or similar, if not as good then Baumgartner or Bettlach pin lever movements) which was wiped out in the quartz crisis. Some pictures would help immensely.

    Hartmut Richter

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