Some Vintage Watch Help Please Guys?

Thread: Some Vintage Watch Help Please Guys?

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    Some Vintage Watch Help Please Guys?

    Hi Guys,

    I have just acquired these three vintage watches and was just wondering if anyone could give me any information on either of them please?

    I have done a little searching on the net but have only found vague information, particularly for the CYMA and OLMA.

    Here they are:

    CYMA Automatic Divingstar, Swiss Made, Water Resistant 600 feet

    OLMA Waterproof Incabloc Antimagnetic, Swiss Made (note that the marks you can see are actually stress marks within the crystal where it appears to have suffered an impact of some kind and not marks on the dial)

    Bulova Accutron Waterproof, Swiss Made

    I would be very grateful of any information please guys?

    Thanks for taking a look


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    Re: Some Vintage Watch Help Please Guys?

    Just a quick note, as I am dashing off to work.

    The accutron is 1967 cal. 214. Do not put a new battery in it if it has not been serviced or been sitting for a long time. This is the best way to kill them.

    The Olma looks to be about 1950s from the styling. They were a mid level manufacturer who used good quality movements by AS and others. A movement shot of this one will help a little, but there should be no surprises.

    Cyma was a good manufacturer with a long history. They used largely inhouse movement - although by the time of this watch I am not sure if that had stopped. Watch looks very early 70s to me, but I am no expert on diving watches or Cyma.


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