Stainless Recta automatic
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Thread: Stainless Recta automatic

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    Stainless Recta automatic

    I got this watch lately and love the dial. You see the hands how sharp they are? Looks like they could break easily. I have not found any like it online yet. Its a good size for a vintage at 33mm without crown. I am very curious to find out more about it.

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    Re: Stainless Recta automatic

    Well, Recta was a more than decent - and reputable - manufacturer back in the day. The earliest Recta trademark in Mikrolisk dates to 1898, although I've no idea when they were founded. Anyway, they usually made their own movements (only hand-wound ones, though).

    Your watch looks like something from the late 1940s or the early 1950s. Quite a lovely patina on the dial, and generally, it's in a really great condition.

    A Felsa Bidynator in a steel case is always a great thing to have. That said, a fantastic find.
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    Re: Stainless Recta automatic

    Very nice indeed! I own only one Recta, but with seemingly identical hands. It is a hand-wind caliber, with sub-seconds, and 32mm.

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    I recently got this one. Serial number on the back is later than yours....... did you manage to date yours at all?
    Mine has had a re-dial at some point but loved the look of it...... appears to have a Felsa Bidynator movement as well. 👍⌚
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