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    Storing pocket watch collection

    I am curious to learn what solutions people use to store their pocket watches.

    I have close to 20 various pocket watches and would love to learn about best practices. The solution needs to be able to accomodate watches in size up to 18.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Storing pocket watch collection

    My collection is currently well over 100 watches.

    Most of my watches are stored in green snap-top trays as sold by Desmond Lundy on Ebay. The trays are all physically the same size, but are available with different sized internal dividers to accommodate 12-20 size watches.

    My really good ones get put in suede pouches and stored at the bank in my safe deposit box.
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    Re: Storing pocket watch collection

    Junk is on the bench or in five gallon cans. Better stuff is in a fireproof safe at the hacienda. The "irreplacable" is in the vault at the office.


    **Whoops! Missed the "best practices" part the first time through! Sorry. p**
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    Re: Storing pocket watch collection

    My father made me a very nice set of wooden flat of divided drawers, pocket watches 15/drawer, wristwatches with straps 16/drawer.

    7 drawers in total - although I fear I need to ask him for another set for my Birthday, hopefully he kept all of his jigs.

    Projects and others sit in plastic A4 size trays in my workshop, the junk in clip top lunch boxes.

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