Strange dial quartz seiko

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    Strange dial quartz seiko

    Anyone know how rare this seiko is? I couldn't find much info on this particular model with unusual dial. I know it is quartz but seems to be pretty well built. Bracelet is very heavy.
    Any info will be appreciated.
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    Re: Strange dial quartz seiko


    It's a 90s watch and I bet it has nothing to do with "rare".
    You could get exact date with online serial number checkers.
    "MOV'T JAPAN" means it has japanese movement but was built in a country with cheap labour workers
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    Re: Strange dial quartz seiko

    That is an interesting model. The design is quite attractive. The Seiko Date Finder returns a production date of Oct 1997 or 2007, the variance due to the length of time the 7N32 movement may have been in use. Based on the bracelet styling I would opt for the earlier production date.

    Rare? That's pretty-much a rubbish word in relation to watches. There may not be quite so many of this design surviving but that doesn't mean much. Enjoy the watch for what it is. It would be well worth a clean-up and perhaps a new crystal, (assuming it's mineral glass), as it appears to have some scratches.

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