Strange pocket watch; please id! (pics)

Thread: Strange pocket watch; please id! (pics)

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    Strange pocket watch; please id! (pics)

    I bought this pocket watch for a few bucks. It still runs fine although it misses a hand.

    No inscriptions on the case (just two inscripted dates of the 50s for maintainance).

    The movement says 'Swiss Made'.

    The dial says:
    Reigue Watch

    Suiza is Swiss in Spanish
    Reigue, i can hardly read; The r could also be a p or a d. The spot of dirt after the e in the end could be a character like a s.

    Any clue?
    On a Dutch watchforum the closed they could get was it resembles a Moeris 16A movement.

    iPhone pics:

    Vintage watchblog (in Dutch) - Urenwerk

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    Re: Strange pocket watch; please id! (pics)

    I dont know will this help you,but Suiza was brand used by three watchmakers:one from La Chaux de Fonds,one from Genf and one from Grenchen.
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    Re: Strange pocket watch; please id! (pics)

    The movement service dates from the 50's were probably done when the watch was fairly new so I'd date this watch to the 40's/early 50's. The dial seems about that date too but dials can vary a whole lot. And any time after this date the watch would have had shock protection...

    I hope that helps some...
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    Re: Strange pocket watch; please id! (pics)

    It may be marked under the dial.

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