Suggestions for Pocket Watch Service??

Thread: Suggestions for Pocket Watch Service??

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    Suggestions for Pocket Watch Service??

    Hi Guys,

    Ok my normal watchmaker who is awesome and I have used him for 20 years plus just wants way to much to do some work on 3 of my pocket watches.

    I dont want to go all out and its my fault that the two that are not running is because I dropped them onto the tile floor.

    I have a South Bend Watch Company STUDEBAKER 21 Jewel 8 adj, and now needs a new stem and crown.

    My Swiss Bulova 15 jewel winds but no longer keeps time.

    I have a circa 1880s French PW that needs a crystal and a minor service as it is keeping good time.

    He wanted $800 for the 3 watches, puff to that.

    This should be a pretty basic fix and if money is to be spent it will be on the STUDEBAKER which is a really really nice PW

    I'm in SoCal and my watchmaker is in Costa Mesa/NB but I am thinking to mail them wherever sounds good CONUS.

    So I am trolling for suggestions.

    Call it divorce, being laid-off and laziness that I never found this site. Ive been on the other snobby one for 12 years give or take and this is bigger and better.

    [email protected]

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    Re: Suggestions for Pocket Watch Service??

    Welcome to Watchuseek. I must say though that, from what you tell us, the price could be right. If two watches were dropped and they are pocket watches (and therefore presumably somewhat older), there is a decent chance that the balance staff is bust. And repairing that is no small business. First you need to find a new one (if you need to remake them, the 800$ would probably cover that alone for two staffs) and then you need to fix the hairsprings on and do the rest of the service. Still, some others might be able to help you out with an address - always worth a try! Good luck.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Suggestions for Pocket Watch Service??

    FWIW, I just had my 1927 Studebaker pocket watch fixed by a local watch repair person with excellent reviews and it cost me $300. I had a balance wheel replaced, new hands installed and as he told me, 'many, many parts' (he's Chinese). 3 of those sorts of repairs would certainly run around $800. YWMMV.

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