swiss made Zurich jeweled watch? ID plz

Thread: swiss made Zurich jeweled watch? ID plz

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    swiss made Zurich jeweled watch? ID plz

    next victim..
    This one I cannot identify. Zurich is a nasty word to google for with swiss watches ;)
    There is a Zurich watch company but this one makes modern replicas in Hong Kong.
    Looking at the movement this one is older.
    The second hand is missing and so is the glass.

    It runs enthousiatically but I have no clue what kind of watch this is :)
    Strap seems typically 50/60's btw (the belt)

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    Re: swiss made Zurich jeweled watch? ID plz

    It looks like it has a Baumgartner 670 movement. A 1 jewel pin lever movement with some unusual features.

    The Metatechnical Cabinet - Baumgartner 670

    or rather the 670 (CLD) as it has a date feature:
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