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    Swiss Makers Marks

    I have a Pocket Watch i got from my grandfather and i am trying to get some more infromation from it. I have deciphered from the case that the case was a George Stockwell import in UK with the year 1918 with .925 silver and two different numbers. One i sssume is a 5 digit serial number but the other is just the number "6".

    Inside the case that workings are marked "Swiss Made" in one spot then the "+" with a 5 digit serial number but then next to the number there is a mark that looks like a backwards C with some other lines off of it. I have seen some Swiss marks but nothig i have found looks like this.


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    Re: Swiss Makers Marks

    Hi Pat

    First of all: Welcome zo Watchuseek.

    Moved your post to the more suitable forum, however please be advised that pics would be of a tremendous help to answer your questions.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Swiss Makers Marks

    Is it like the bottom one here?


    Otherwise, we really do need pictures.
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