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    Swiss pocket watch movement ID


    I recently purchased a lot of pocket watches/movements to tinker around with and hopefully fix up. I've done most of my tinkering on wrist watches, so I'm a bit new to the pocket watch world. This seemed to be the most interesting movement out of the lot. It seems to be of a pretty decent quality, Swiss Made, adjusted, nice perlage, etc...but I can't seem to find a manufacturer on it anywhere. Was this common? Does anyone have any idea on the maker and/or approximate era?

    It seems to be around 19 ligne (43mm) if that helps.

    Movement ID - Imgur


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    Re: Swiss pocket watch movement ID

    Patent depose around the swiss cross means swiss patent. With 21 jewels it was probably railroad grade for era. I'm not good at id'ing movements, but the number on there is a swiss patent and theres a way to look that up online, I just can't figure that out,

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    Re: Swiss pocket watch movement ID


    It has 21 jewels, without the center wheel, and only 2 Adj.

    Interesting we can see all 4 top train jewels are capped, but they have not countersunk the cap screws.

    It is trying to look better than it really is I am afraid.

    It is interesting none-the-less.

    Balance = 7 jewels (usually).
    Train jewels = 4 X 2 plus the 4 caps we can see = 12.

    = 19 jewels.

    It is most likely the anchor is jeweled, but I can't see it - which brings us to 21.

    The 4 train caps are for show, as the dial side are not capped.

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    Re: Swiss pocket watch movement ID

    I have to agree with Trim's comment, "It is trying to look better than it really is I am afraid."
    Unfortunately, the number on the movement is not a patent number, but is a serial number, instead.
    Sorry to say, I couldn't find it in any reference book.

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