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    Tacy admiral watch co.

    I did a job for a couple and in the course of working the husband and I shared stories of collecting. He was into firearms. A friend of his at his gun club gave him a pocket watch that his father rec'd. at retirement. When the job finished I recieved the watch for a job well done. The dial says Ontyme and the movemnt says Tacy watch co.,Admiral,non magnetic,6 jewels. It runs for about six hours and stops. When winding it, it gets to a point and it feels like it clicks off or clutch slipping. I'm just curious if it's worth fixing. The only info I've found is that Tacy watch was a joint effort between Tavannes and Cyma watch companies. If anyone could further enlighten me it would be appreciated.

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    Re: Tacy admiral watch co.

    There is a thread,as I remember,about "Tacy" watches on this fora.It was about frankenwatch "Tacy"-pocket watch that was converted to wrist watch,but in terrifing way.It was something green and very disturbing.
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    Re: Tacy admiral watch co.

    If you can wind it interminably, it clicks every now and then which you wind it and it runs only about six hours, the mainspring is probably broken. Not that difficult to fix.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Tacy admiral watch co.

    It's a handsome watch, but mechanically, rather low on the scale. This will need a trip to the watchmaker to get it going again. The winding problem you indicate could be just the need for a new mainspring (which, as Hartmut says, is fairly easy to fix), or it could be something more serious, like a broken wheel or arbor. The watch looks in excellent condition, so it's probably a worn out spring.
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