A tale of woe
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Thread: A tale of woe

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    A tale of woe

    Hi all,

    A couple of weeks ago, I was burgled. Almost all of my watches were locked up in my safe, however, a couple of day-to-day watches weren't. One I was particularly fond of, the Angelus cal 210 pictured here.
    A new purchase had just come back from service after having bought it at auction – the Eterna bumper pictured here, auctioneer's picture only, as it was that new to me.
    And lastly, my beater watch, a Numa Jeannin quartz.

    Well, a week or so after the theft, I found the Angelus on eBay. There's no doubt about it, the hand done, pre-war engraving (not shown) and the strap you see here are proof that it's mine (I have tons of pictures and documentation on it, the original auction invoice, the bill for the strap, etc…). I contacted the police, who advised me to do nothing, as they would "take action." A longer story there. They asked me not to contact the seller, as they were going to "take action." eBay, of course, won't talk to someone like me about this, as it's a matter for the police (etc). It got sold. Perhaps someone on here bought, who knows? It was really frustrating to have to sit by and watch this second theft happen in front of my eyes. The police are making vague noises, but I suppose that nothing will happen. Sigh. If you bought it and want a reward, get in touch.

    I haven't seen either of the other two, but that's not to say they won't show up on eBay.

    Point of all this is: first of all, if you see any of these watches, please let me know. I'll see you right. If you've ever wondered if eBay is full of stolen goods, the answer is yes. Be warned. If the police try to involve you in inaction, think long and hard about it. At least in the UK, they are bound so completely by lack of budget and a prosecution service that felt that getting someone for "only" handling stolen goods and thus small fry with a chance of wriggling out of a conviction that they took no action. If I had it to do again, I wouldn't have trusted them to do what I thought they were going to do. And eBay are only interested in limiting their liability and nothing more; please don't expect them to help you in this if you find yourself in a similar situation.

    Anyway. It hurts. Thanks for listening.
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    Re: A tale of woe

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope you are able to recover your stolen items.
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    Re: A tale of woe

    Boy, what is someone to do if the police won't help, ebay won't help. Terrible situation, sorry to hear this but this will help us if it happens to us, I hope. Good luck
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    Re: A tale of woe

    So sorry that happened. I have never had an Ebay account and never will. I think the move away from facebook is valid on many fronts, but many other aspects of online commerce (never had a problem here) need to be looked at. Everyone have photos of your watches, documentation, etc., and other valuables. Forward !

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    Re: A tale of woe

    Everyone have photos of your watches, documentation, etc., and other valuables. Forward !
    To what end? It apparently didn't help Habitant, unfortunately.
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    Re: A tale of woe

    I'm very to sorry to hear about the burglary, and the subsequent events. And I'm a little surprised to hear that nothing came of reporting the eBay item to the police. You did exactly the right thing, and I have heard about similar situations in the past where eBay did work with the police, and actions were taken.
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    Re: A tale of woe

    I will Keep an eye out on my daily ebay/ gumtree/shpock search for these, it seems to be the way things are going in the Uk !

    This is not the first time that ebay have had this problem , there are things that you can do to catch them red handed or stich them up

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    Re: A tale of woe

    This is absolutely appalling. Clearly, the buyer is now in receipt of stolen goods and I wish I knew of some redress.

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    Re: A tale of woe

    I feel for you my friend, the kind of people that would do this to someone are, to paraphrase Cyrus the virus (Con Air) “Somewhere between a Cockroach and that white stuff that collects at the corner of your mouth when you’re thirsty”

    I’ll keep an eye out.


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    Re: A tale of woe

    It stuns me how police told you to do nothing. Ebay had to be alarmed instantly, and you could try to buy the watch, just to see what is the address of a thief (or a person who bought the watch from him). And then whole thing would be revealed to the police.
    This way additional person is involved (buyer of the watch), and all got even more complicated.
    I hope something good comes out of this all.
    -- Mimi --

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