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    Tellus - Worth it renovating?!


    First: I'm sorry my English is very poor!

    I have a watch from my Grandfather, in really bad condition. My Grandma find this in last year.
    What i know:
    It is a TELLUS. TeLLus ANTIMAGNETIC on dial.
    Case Back lettering: 4729, Acier Inoxydable, Staybrite, push back.
    Case Back Inside lettering: 191952, and two hand-etched "date?!" FJ 74.10.18 and "JJ"71.3.25 (in the "JJ" i'm, not sure)
    Movement lettering: Tellus *, Cal.661, number: 952 on the outer edge.
    It is in bad condition, but its works well.

    I don't know, how its looked when it was new? Have somebody a picture?
    Which year come from?
    Worth it renovating? If worth, max how much $ for renovating? Dial+Glass (Plexi) are the worst condition...
    Some pictures (sorry i'm a bad photographer):

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    Re: Tellus - Worth it renovating?!

    Well, the watch certainly shows signs of wear - but most of it seems to be the crystal (get a replacement) and the dial (consider having it redialed if you can't live with it the way it is). The bill will amount to more than you would get back if you resold the watch but if it has sentimental value, you should do it. It will run well and give you good service thereafter unless something is actually broken and needs parts replacement (which doesn't seem to be the case). The movement is a generic but high class Cortebert Cal. 661 (the one in the link even has "Tellus" on it as well!):

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Cortebert 661

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Tellus - Worth it renovating?!

    From the photo it looks like this is the movement in your watch, which would date it somewhere around the early 1940's

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Cortebert 661

    Others here will be able to give you an idea of how much a dial restoration etc might cost, it's quite likely that the cost of service and restoration will exceed the real world value of the watch, but family heirlooms are priceless
    Watch Website: last update 07/11/2012

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