Thinnest Watch In My Collection
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Thread: Thinnest Watch In My Collection

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    Thinnest Watch In My Collection

    I sold some modern watches that haven't been getting wrist time and used the funds to grow my vintage collection. It's been a lot of fun and I've been scouring Ebay and auction sites looking for both specific types of watches as well as ones that just appeal to me. Always wanted to get a dress watch from each of the "Big Three" and already have a Patek Calatrava so when I saw this thought it would make a good addition but it will be a while before I get to add a VC as budget is tapped. It was delivered today and is incredibly thin, 31.5mm w/o crown and literally less than 4mm thick with 2003 caliber movement. The 2003 movement itself is 1.6mm. All original dial, crown and AP buckle, strap may be too but can't be sure. Found this on Ebay and auction was on a charitable website I frequent for art and other collectables. This was a donation to the charity and I have a feeling this sat in a drawer for many years but it has been keeping good time for eight hours although will still need to get it serviced and I only partially wound it so when it runs down I will not run it again until service. Dial has a bit of wear on the crown side but it really isn't noticeable while wearing. The inside of the crystal had some residue and when cleaned up it really made a difference in the appearance. I guess nobody wants the vintage small watches as I was the only bidder and the starting price was $1299. It certainly isn't a dive watch but I am very pleased to have added it to my collection.

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    Re: Thinnest Watch In My Collection

    Classic dress watch - nice pick up.

    1950s: Collaboration
    The next step was taken in 1953 when Audemars Piguet introduced calibre 2003, also a manual wind movement. This calibre was developed together with Jaeger-LeCoultre with involvement of Vacheron Constantin. Based on the cal. 9ML, calibre 2003 shares the main characteristics such as height and diameter, but the number of bridges were reduced. The main goal for this was to make the movement sturdier.

    price of audemars piguet
    Caliber 2003: less bridges increased the sturdiness of the movement

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    Since Audemars Piguet supplied the base movement for the project, it retained the exclusive right to produce and market calibre 2003 for the next two years. In 1955 Vacheron Constantin introduced the calibre as 1003, and both brands kept the movement in production until late 2002, early 2003. Jaeger-LeCoultre though went a different path. Although the movement did get a Jaeger-LeCoultre designation, as calibre 803, it was never used in any Jaeger-LeCoultre up for public sale.


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    Re: Thinnest Watch In My Collection

    Thanks James!

    That is very interesting that there was a collaboration with AP, VC, LC and yet LeCoultre never sold a watch to the public with their version caliber 803.

    Here is a YouTube video with ArchieLuxury basically explaining the same thing.
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    Re: Thinnest Watch In My Collection

    Beautiful watch
    It’s interesting that the strap looks thicker than the watch

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