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    A thread for Horologist007…

    The recent thread about a Hodinkee video of a notable collector and the ensuing conversation on this forum reminded me of the superb piece on Johann Rupert, the man who is the Chairman and largest shareholder of Richemont Group, in the current issue of Watch Time magazine. It's really worth hunting down and buying just for this article.

    So for you, Adam, I transcribe this quote, part of a very amusing story about how his Panerai stopped at the same time every day, even after he had it serviced. I'll skip to the punchline, because I'm just a little bit too lazy to re-type the whole thing: "(The watchmaker said) Mr Rupert, you know this is a manual watch? I (Rupert) said, 'Yes of course, it's a manual, so what does that mean?'"

    This is the man who bought Panerai in tatters and found a storage room full of vintage Rolexes, so valuable that they funded the purchase of Panerai (ca $1 000 000) and generated a profit, too.

    Read the whole article, folks, laugh and love the nuttiness of this world of ours. He told his golf partner ("not a great golfer so it takes a hell of a lot of blows…") to take his IWC complication watch off due to the insane forces generated in a golf swing: "Please take your watch off. I'm not servicing that thing again. It's like taking a Ferrari into the Sahara Desert and not putting in oil."
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    Re: A thread for Horologist007…

    Sounds like the old problem of someone complaining that his watch is defective because the date changes at midday rather than midnight.....!

    Thanks for pointing out that article.

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