Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series
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Thread: Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series

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    Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series

    I stopped by my local thrift store this afternoon and found a nice Timex Electric watch for $3.00, it was not running at the time but the hands moved easy by turning the crown so i figured that even if it did not work, $3 was not breaking the bank and the watch looked cool. Upon opening the watch I noticed that the battery in the watch was a Timex A Cell. This battery looked like it had been in the watch for years and was starting to leak but lucky for me it had not leaked from the battery onto the watch and the terminal and battery chamber was clean. I replaced it with a 357 battery and then put the back cover back on and gave the side of the watch a good smack and off it ran.

    The watch has been keeping good time. I like these hybrid watches, the second hand does not have the quartz watch type jump but it also does not have the mechanical watch glide. It kind of reminds me of the second hand of one of those cheap 1960's-1970's Swiss pallet lever watches.

    It also has a nice tick

    This is actually a Model 41 because it has a date window(which is not set as of right now)

    I dumped the metal twistoflex band for a leather one.

    This is the second Timex Electric I have. The first is a back set one from 1964 from my Late Grandfather. This also works well.

    Here are a few pics, I have not set the date on the watch.
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    Re: Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series

    I mean, can you beat $3? You happy with it? That's all you need.

    Looks cool, crystal isn't beat to hell, face looks great. Good buy!

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    Re: Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series

    Good for you! I think that it's really neat to see a Post from someone who likes / appreciates an honest, good-looking, and technically interesting watch--like your Timex--that does not cost as much as a decent, used Porsche! I'm always more than a little saddened to sense, that there may well be way too many otherwise good folks, who equate "quality' with price...not so! I own quite a few Timex watches--including several like yours--and think that they're entirely comfortable around much, much pricier pieces. And: I would not be surprised, if a quick going-over of your case with a window cleaning solution dampened cloth would let the chrome plating shine through! Michael.
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    Re: Thrift Store Find: $3 Timex Electric Model 40 Series

    Nice watch and what a price, would love to see movement pics.

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