Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875

Thread: Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875

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    Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875

    Hi guys,

    could anyone provide some more information about this Tissot gold pocket watch?

    According to its serial 33104 the manufacturing date should be between 1871-1875. On the dial it says something like "Ch.. TISSOT & Cie Geneve". Once the back is opened it says on the top "Echappement A Ancre Ligne Droite 15 Rubis" and on the bottom "Balancier Compense Spiral Breguet".


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    Re: Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875

    You seem to know a lot already! Closeups of the hallmarks on the case will provide information on the case.

    This is a classical 19th century Swiss bridging design. It looks to be a very nice piece. Have you had it serviced?
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    Re: Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875

    The watch belongs to my grand parents and has been in a drawer for a long time. So it has not been serviced. It comes in an original case and has a key to wind it.

    Is a pocket watch like this rare? Valuable? Do not know much about pockets watches beyond what I found through Google.

    Thanks for any comments!

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    Re: Tissot Gold Pocket Watch 1871-1875

    I don't know much about pocket watches either. But the watch is definitely a desirable piece to many collectors.

    However, we do not attempt valuations in here for may reasons - there is a sticky explaining why. The best way to obtain a 'what would it sell for on ebay value' is to find a similar watch and see what it has sold for. This one, for example, TISSOT & LOCLE KEY SET 14K HUNTER BLACK ROMAN DIAL EXC on eBay (end time 19-Dec-10 23:03:54 GMT) did NOT sell for the asking price. Anyway, you won't sell it - its a family heirloom.
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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