Tissot T12 can only set time backwards

Thread: Tissot T12 can only set time backwards

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    Tissot T12 can only set time backwards

    I recently acquired a T12 and I'm wondering if its normal to only be able to set the time by going backward. Turning the crown the other way makes it screw itself off. If you use pliers with the crown off the hand can be moved forward. It makes it a little tricky to set the date and time. I'm wondering dobi have an issue with the watch or is this normal for these?

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    Re: Tissot T12 can only set time backwards

    The crown needs to be in effect glued to the stem in your case if you can not secure it. I'd use blue Loctite, first remove the stem and clean it in solvent then just a light application of Loctite to the tip of the threads before screwing on the crown. Note: avoid grabbing the stem with pliers they are not really the tool you want to use on watch parts.

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    Re: Tissot T12 can only set time backwards

    They are not glued in, just tightened on to the stem then inserted in to the watch, preferably by a watchmaker.

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    Re: Tissot T12 can only set time backwards

    Crowns can be a bit tricky...certainly, see a Watchmaker here: with just a little luck, once the stem's removed, the crown will be able to be screwed on correctly. It may be necessary to tighten the crown's threads, and a proper Watchmaker will be able to do this easily. Infrequently--as a consequence of poor work at an earlier date--the crown / stem may need to be replaced...it's been my experience, though, that almost always, a little effort at the bench will set things right in just a few minutes. Michael.

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