Tissot vintage pocket watch.
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Thread: Tissot vintage pocket watch.

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    Tissot vintage pocket watch.

    i have been lurking here for a while but this is my first post.

    first i would like to thank this forum for all the advice i have read here. now here is my issue and a story.

    i have a vintage Tissot pocket watch it was originally bought in Russia by my great grand father in the late 1800's, it has since been modified to be a wrist watch so the case is different. it has a chronometer function. it was in working condition 20 years ago, but i have played too much with it as a kid and it no longer works, sadly i broke off the crown.

    do you folks think it will be possible for this watch to be serviced and the crown replaced, if so where?

    would also like to know if you folks can ID this watch more precisely, and if its really from the late 1800s or more recent.

    Edit - photos watch and movement - sorry if they aren't too great my first attempt.

    Edit - found the tissot serial numbers on this forum looks like its a 1925-1926


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    Re: Tissot vintage pocket watch.

    It is my experience that, with enough time and for enough money, all problems with watches can be solved. That is the good news. But the bad news it may cost a bit more than you want.

    However, a family heirloom like that is worth some investment! Post some pics and we will say what we see.

    Overall Tissot made great watches in this era and they can often be fixed for less than you first expect. And the NYC area has lots of choices for watchmakers.
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    Re: Tissot vintage pocket watch.

    thanks for your post, i updated the post with pictures.

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