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    todays finds

    Got this today along with a Sekonda fitted with a Vostock 2214 movement (on Russian forum)

    This one is a 'Montine'25 jewelled Automatic fitted with an AS 2063 movement (not the prettiest granted).
    The case has lost much of its plating but is brass underneath so a complete strip and polish may be in order.
    The crown is pretty worn so will need replacing as will the crystal...however the dial in in excellent condition and the watch keeps very good time so far, even the strap is ok it just needs a new loop and some polish.
    Toital for both was £8.00 so no loss if either stop working anytime soon.
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    Montine .. bit of an underappreciated brand IMO

    I have a Concord with the same movement .. although with day complication added (AS2066)

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    Re: todays finds

    Nice find! New crystal, a service, and re-plate and it'll make a great daily wearer!
    PM is not working for me. If you need to contact me, please email. Thanks! popokinui1(at)gmail(dot)com

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