Tourist watch company?
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Thread: Tourist watch company?

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    Tourist watch company?

    What's the history on the Tourist watch company? Where were they located? Did the make their own movements or did they use others? I've seen some nice examples out there in a variety of styles, dress watches, chronos, etc.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Re: Tourist watch company?

    I don't know much about the company, but do have an example of a 1960s Praesident model with an AS cal. 1130 movement.

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    Tourist had interesting "Everlight" models which had a small light bulb feature at 12 o'clock that illuminated the dial. It was activated by a pusher at the 2 o'clock position. The battery, (a small lead DEAC dry accumulator), was built into the caseback. Below is a 1957 magazine ad for the watches.

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    Re: Tourist watch company?

    " since the electrical arrangement is seated in an insulated plastic ring, apart from the movement,obviating any unfavourable influence either way."

    Wow - they don't write advertising copy like that anymore :)

    Found this...

    tourist tourist Adolf Allemann Fils SA Clocks, clock parts, clock movements, cases, dials; Moutier and Welschenrohr, Switzerland; registered on 26.7.1945


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    Re: Tourist watch company?

    Adding to the aforementioned:

    Tourist watches were made between 1950 and 1970. The did not make their own movements and rather made modifications, although they were marked 'Tourist'. You find movements from FHF, AS, Unitas, and others.

    The most famous watch is their Everlight model (integrated lighting), which came out in 1957. It was developped by the founder of the company, Adolf Allemann.
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    Re: Tourist watch company?

    Excellent! Thanks gang, this answers what I was wondering about.

    BTW, I saw a chrono on the usual source that was a Tourist with a Caliber 11/12 (well, which is it??) movement. Were they part of the consortium or did they just source the movements later? I'm guessing they just sourced the movements.

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