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    Trying to ID Pocket Watch

    I'm trying to ID a watch that was recently found in a safe deposit box after the passing of my Grandmother. I've attached some images below. It's a key wind watch, and the only markings I can find on the watch are the numbers "699" they seem to be present on the inside of the casing, as well as the casing to the back of the mechanism. There is an image on the watch back of a circle with a upper torso and a line down the middle (Sorry I don't know of a better way to describe it). It also says on the back "echappement a ancre" which I believe from my search is referring to the mechanism, and "rubis" on the bottom which I believe i just an indication of the watch being jeweled.

    This is a new thing to me, so sorry if my descriptions, etc are lacking. And thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide me.

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    Re: Trying to ID Pocket Watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek. All one can say about your watch is that it is late 19th century and has the better Swiss lever escapement (which is what "echappement a ancre" merans) - cheaper ones have cylindre escapements and even cheaper ones have Roskopf style pin lever escapements. There should be a number before "rubis" indicating just how many rubies it has (looks like probably 15). The case hallmarks might give a more exact indication of when it was made but the maker will probably remain obscure. It looks like a decent quality Swiss movement from around the time.

    Hartmut Richter

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