Trying to identify/date ladies pocket watch

Thread: Trying to identify/date ladies pocket watch

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    Trying to identify/date ladies pocket watch

    I have been trying to help my Mom identify an old ladies pocket watch, Some pictures are attached. the case is about 1-3/4" diameter. Inscribed inside the front (dial side) case is European Watch Co., some kind of logo and the Number 124792. The bottom hinged lid opens to reveal another cover inscribed with "European Watch Co.". That cover can be removed to reveal part of the movement and another cover held on with screws. Here the only inscription I can find is "F S", which I assume stands for fast/slow. The watch winds from the stem and seems to run perfectly. We have researched on the internet and looked in a couple of books, but cannot find anything like it. We are not really looking for a valuation, just a place to start in identifying the manufacturer, date of manufacture, etc. If any of the experts here on this forum could help we would appreciate your assistance. Thank you!
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    Re: Trying to identify/date ladies pocket watch

    I would date it to end of the 19th century.I have similar case,for mens pw,in silver.

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    Re: Trying to identify/date ladies pocket watch

    It's a fairly low-grade cylinder movment; no jeweling or engraving. The 3/4 plate with no gears visible was commonly used for jobber watches, allowing the makers to custom engrave things like a jewelrs name. Probably late 19th century; the low end market for watches switched over to pin-levers and roskopf designs around the turn of the century. The dial and plate patterning seems almost out of place; it's very well dressed for what it is.
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