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    Question Trying to identify a watch

    I inhereited a very ornate watch years ago from my great aunt. She was born and raised in Australia and brought this with her when she moved to the states. I'm really not sure how old it is, if the stones are real, or even what metal it is. I cannot find any halmarks on it. On the face of the watch it says "ZAMEX" and "17 JEWEL INCABLOC". I'm unable to upload a photo at this moment but will tonight. Does anyone know about Zamex? I've done some looking online and have not found anything. Any help would be appreciated!
    Here are the pictures. My camera is terrible, sorry about the low quality.

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    Re: Trying to identify a watch

    Pics would be of tremendous help (front, back, movement). In the 60ties and 70ties thousands of "17 jewels Incabloc" have been around. ZAMEX does not ring a bell. I will move your post to our "Vintage & Pocket Watches Forum".
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