Tudor 7903 crown problem

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    Tudor 7903 crown problem

    Hi guys,

    Ive recently acquired a nice little Tudor Oyster ref 7903. It winds and keeps relatively good time; however, i can't seem to get the crown to the time setting stop. When i go to pull the crown, the whole stem pulls out.

    As i say, the watch winds fine when i initially unscrew the crown, but pulling anymore and the whole stem jumps out. I realise this is probably only a thing a watchmaker can diagnose, but just wondering whether anyone knows of any things i can try to get the stem to sit in the stop properly.

    Ive had a look at the stem release screw and that all seems fine to my untrained eye.

    Any suggestions welcome!

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    Re: Tudor 7903 crown problem

    OK, could be easy fix could be a watchmakers job. My guess is worn setting lever.
    I am guessing it has. Tudor 1156 movement ( see attached)
    With the crown in fully and able to wind the watch gently try to tighten the screw a quarter turn with a proper sized screwdriver. If the screw does not move or the stem still comes out to odds are the setting lever is worn or broken.
    To really check it out you need to take the dial off .
    Service + Repair: Rolex Oyster Tudor calibre 1156 | Watch Guy

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    Re: Tudor 7903 crown problem

    Go to a watmaker... he can fix that problem in 2 second, he has to tighteen a screw.

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