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    Two golden Omegas

    Hello, everyone. Would you mind taking a look at these two guys, people? Here are the pics:

    1962 Omega Genčve, cal. 552, solid gold case. No model reference engraved inside caseback. Year of manufacture informed by seller. Nice dial - seems untouched. Case may be somewhat overpolished. Movement in pristine condition.

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    1946 Omega, cal. 30T2, solid gold case. Crown not signed and I'm not sure if it should be - it seems that some old Omegas bear no signature on the crown. Dial looks too good to be true - redial? Rather overpolished case, as is the norm with this seller's pieces (the other one is his too). Acrilic crystal, nevertheless, still carries the Omega logo. One question: is the eight-figure number engraved on caseback the specimen's reference number?

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    Re: Two golden Omegas

    In case of number 1, the polishing should be the least of your worries- iffy hallmarks, no reference number. That said, the case is likely fake.

    Number 2 is a ghastly redial.
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