Two 'killer dial' Hamilton watches.
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Thread: Two 'killer dial' Hamilton watches.

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    Two 'killer dial' Hamilton watches.

    Both recent buys. The first one is from circa 1917.

    It started with an emptying a Hamilton case of a busted 910:

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    Name:  DSC00079.JPG
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    The 910 busted both sides. Bad movement, VERY bad dial. Good case, though.
    Non original crown and bow, but more than just usable. It's a 25-yr Hamilton case - no wear-through whatsoever.

    This case I used to recase a 914 from similar period (quite close S/N), short of it's original (likely gold) case:

    Name:  DSC00085.JPG
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    It's hard to catch the exact tone, but the embossed center bit has a stunning gold gloss. There also are applied numbers and - even better - the dial is in perfect condition!

    Name:  DSC00082.JPG
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    Under the signed back...

    Name:  DSC00089.JPG
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    ...the 914:

    Name:  DSC00094.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00093.JPG
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    A better version of the 910, nicely finished with it's gold settings and balance screws.
    It's 'only' a 17-jewel 3-pos movement and - in fact - at first I wanted to find a 900 for the case, but the dial I just could not resist. Just so cool.

    And now - the other one, circa 10 years younger, from the 1920s...

    Name:  DSC00079.JPG
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    This one is all embossed...

    Name:  DSC00080.JPG
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    ...with two tone (gold and silver) finish over grey background.

    Name:  DSC00082.JPG
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    It has a white gold filled Hamilton case:

    Name:  DSC00091.JPG
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    and a lower grade 912 movement:

    Name:  DSC00090.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00088.JPG
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    Might be lower grade, but there are hardly any LOW grade Hamiltons (there are - early and scarce) so it's still a very decent machine.

    Both surely are beautiful watches :)
    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: Two 'killer dial' Hamilton watches.

    Nice watches indeed

    My 912 says hello (old pic, the crown has been repaired)

    Some adv





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