Two that are proving difficult to identify!

Thread: Two that are proving difficult to identify!

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    Two that are proving difficult to identify!

    First up is a DOP, probably from the mid 1950's, with a FHF 70 movement. Marked " Ebauche Swiss" it's a fair bet it's French. None of my references mention DOP, and google gives me:
    Jean Dop, French rugby star of the 50's
    DOP, L'Oreal hair care & shampoo products
    DOP, Domincan Republic Peso
    So not a great help

    Just missing the lume from the hands and running nicely

    The second is branded Matex Watch and again has a FHF70 and is marked "no-magnetic". Don't bother Googling Matex unless you want references to latex and latex storage tanks as well as a large number of sites extolling the virtues of various young (and not so young) ladies demonstating their athletic prowess whilst "wearing" various items of latex kit.

    The Matex has a hairline crack around 9 & 10, but it's not really noticeable on the wrist

    If you've got this far thanks for looking
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    Re: Two that are proving difficult to identify!

    Never heard of either. The "Ebauche Suisse" on the dial of the DOP makes it a fair bet to me too that the whole thing is French.

    Oh, and thanks for the warning!

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Two that are proving difficult to identify!

    Quote Originally Posted by john87300 View Post

    The off centre name makes me think an 'E' has rubbed off

    Radial numerals are tops. Great score on the Matex.
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