ULTRA - French diving watch
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Thread: ULTRA - French diving watch

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    ULTRA - French diving watch

    Hi again,
    I just found this watch below on the internet and was hoping for some information.
    Could you tell me the year of manufacture of this watch, movement?
    Any facts besides what is on ultraofficial.com web page?



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    Re: ULTRA - French diving watch

    Generic diver-style watch with a plated C-shape case. There were dozens of these cheap no-name divers assembled in the 1970s. Without more photos it would be pure guesswork.
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    Re: ULTRA - French diving watch

    My Ultra

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    Re: ULTRA - French diving watch

    Looking at that watch, I seriously doubt that it's a diver as such. More likely, it was meant to look like one. A non-lumed sub-second is completely useless in a diver. For that matter, so is a hand-wound movement (if it was automatic, it would be most likely marked as such on the dial) - by the 1960s/1970s, most diver watches had screw-down crowns, and with every time the crown is unscrewed to wind the watch and screwed in again, the threading on the crown and the stem tube wears out.
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    Re: ULTRA - French diving watch

    I think Diver 'style' is the right description, however if you buy it do not take it anywhere near water! I wouldn't rush too though, the bezel is badly worn and it looks like the glass has been glued in? (glue bubbles around the 5 o'clock?)
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    Here is another photo:
    Another pic.
    As for screw-in crowns with handwind movementa, vostoks had that and it somehow worked. Anyway, I'll post more once the watch is here
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