United States Watch Co 16 size 'dome' movement again
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Thread: United States Watch Co 16 size 'dome' movement again

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    United States Watch Co 16 size 'dome' movement again


    This post is a sort of tutorial', written with hope someone will read this when he encounters typical problem regarding USWCo's 1st and 2nd 16 size models, before he decides to ruin it...

    Name:  DSC09997.JPG
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    Name:  DSC09994.JPG
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    The low overall qualoity 'dome' USWCo movement was not a successful product, and was soon replaced by similarly built, but with standard 16 size dimensions, model 2.
    This post shows the dome model, bt as for the setting mechanism it's pretty much the same in model 2.

    Anyway, the 'dome', poor as it is, featured two interesting design solutions:

    1. screwless fitting

    Name:  DSC09956.JPG
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    Which means the movement is held in the case by a pin at 6 o'clock and the stem at 12...
    Rattles like crazy, of course...

    2. pendant setting, not so popular back then in USA... or anywhere else in fact...

    Name:  DSC09981.JPG
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    Name:  DSC09980.JPG
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    Here's the pic of the complete setting mechanism with all the wheels:

    Name:  DSC09983.JPG
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    Knowing this, you know the stem should be taken out first, but how???
    This is a solution so far from intuitive, that many of USWCo model 1 or 2 movements ended up with Broken off stems...

    Name:  DSC00001.JPG
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    This one was so close as well!

    Name:  DSC09953.JPG
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    Yup, this should not be unscrewed. You have to screw it down very tight (but don't strip the thread ;) )...

    Name:  DSC09955.JPG
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    ...and then the stem will lock and half of it can be unscrewed!

    With half of the stem removed, the movement will just fal out of the case.
    And then bringing it to this condition...

    Name:  DSC09963.JPG
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    ...and back again is a piece of cake :)

    Name:  DSC09965.JPG
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    The other half of the stem is shaped so it can operate the rocker bar.
    More than often there is a broken off piece of thread stuck in it :(
    Once again - DON'T do things the hard way! Never :) !

    Some inside shots for you:

    Name:  DSC09986.JPG
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    Name:  DSC09972.JPG
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    Name:  DSC09971.JPG
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    Not top notch, but interesting.
    Hope that helps :)
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    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: United States Watch Co 16 size 'dome' movement again

    Thanks for the info - even though I haven't got one of these (and living in Europe, am not likely to ever get one of these either). Well, whaddya know - an early split stem model.....!

    Hartmut Richter

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    You never know...
    This one arrived from Slovenia ;)
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