Universal Geneve Compax Chronographs?

Thread: Universal Geneve Compax Chronographs?

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    Universal Geneve Compax Chronographs?

    Can anyone tell me more about these and are there more specific names for this reference? I know there is the nina ridnt which is super rare, but are there similar, less horologically important alternatives which are affordable? And where might I find them...

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    Re: Universal Geneve Compax Chronographs?

    Certainly there are many variants of UG compax and bi-compax chronographs, going back decades before that "Evil Nina" model. However, they look very different. I don't know what you consider "affordable", but all of the panda/reverse-panda 1960s UG models with the external tachymeter bezel have become very expensive, riding the coat-tails of the Daytona. Similarly, the Heuer Autavia has skyrocketed in price. Incredibly, it is becoming quite difficult to find a decent example for a four-figure price.

    However, you can find vintage chronographs of similar quality and appearance that are more affordable, starting at about $2k if you are lucky and find a good one for auction. However, you will need to consider other brands.
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