Universal Geneve - Polerouter (?)

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    Universal Geneve - Polerouter (?)

    Hi all,
    Need some help here.
    Does anyone have any info about this watch.
    It looks like a Polerouter, but dos not have the polerouter printed on the dial.
    Didnt found any info in the internet.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Universal Geneve - Polerouter (?)

    Well it looks like a Polerouter to me too. Maybe it was redialled by someone who missed it off for some reason. The printing of the minute index looks patchy - but the pictures aren't clear enough to be sure.

    See Polerouter - sammlung for the best collection of images.
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    Re: Universal Geneve - Polerouter (?)

    Almost certainly it has been redialled.

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