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    Universal Geneve Polerouter 215-2

    Hey guys,

    I've been on the hunt for the Polerouter by Gerald Genta, and I was wondering if you guys can help me figure out this problem.

    This is the watch.
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    Everything looks great, and looks a good deal at $280. However I went on to Polerouter - collection, and discovered that there is a slight difference to the model that is being offered.
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    As you see the text on the dial on the web has "microrotor" and mine doesn't. I have checked several models with the date with the 215-2 movement but cant seem to find one without the "microrotor". Is it actually genuine to only have the automatic on the 215-2 movement.

    Any feedback on this? The watch is currently on hold, so any comments would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Universal Geneve Polerouter 215-2


    On google image I seem to find examples of both...


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    Re: Universal Geneve Polerouter 215-2

    Here is mine:

    As you can see its movement is marked 'Microtor', ...

    ... even though the dial is just "Automatic".

    To my best knowledge some dials show "Microtor", others don't. Maybe this was specific to certain markets? Or maybe they left it off when micro rotors fell from favour with the watch-buying public?

    Best regards,
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