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    Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Symbol

    Hi...I'm looking for any help in identifying the logo/marking on this Swiss pocket watch movement. The original UK Sterling case dates the watch to approx. 1919. The photo wil hopefully show the unususal mark - a 3 pronged fork with the letters 'R' and 'S' on either side. It's also signed 'Swiss Made' '15 Jewels' and serial number '230330'. Thanks in advance.....D.
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    Re: Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Symbol

    Rotherham & sons ltd (find here: Mikrolisk - was Feines für die Tasche... - Das Informationsportal rund um die Taschenuhr!
    Description is taken from NAWCC:
    " Rotherham was a watch manufacturer in the true sense--that is, they made the entire watches including the cases. The information I've found in Max Cutmore's "Watches 1850-1980", indicates that they also had a factory in Switzerland and that they were "agents for Buren" and may have owned Rode, which were both Swiss. "

    More information you can find here http://vintagewatchstraps.com/casemarks.htm

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    Re: Unknown Swiss Pocket Watch Symbol

    weeeeeeeeeee........found my watch !!!.....I actually have another post with the exact same movement.......yours is the first I've seen that even comes close......17 jewel movement is made by Cortebert......but I am having trouble identifying the model #. Mine is slightly older than yours I think because my regulator is much fancier and more vintage looking....but that RS Trident is a mystery to me too. I'm wondering if the hands on yours look like Rolex as well / I'm positive the hands on mine are exactly the ones I found on a Rolex pocket watch.

    I bet yours winds smooth and keeps beautiful time also ?

    compare here :


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