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    Confused Unknown vintage 'Marathon'


    This is my first post in the Vintage forum, and I am starting right off with some questions... :thanks

    Today I discovered a watch of my grandfather-in-law's uncle, this vintage marathon piece.

    From the size and the design I'd guess its from the 50s, and because of the description on the back "Waterproof, Antimagnetic" I assume it was a soldier's watch.

    Strange, that I did not find any information about vintage marathons anywhere in the web, let alone anything about this specific model. The marathon website dates the production back to the early 1900s...

    Is this a genuine watch of the same company that is known as "Marathon Watch Co." today?

    Is it possible to give any more information about the source or purpose of it?

    some quick n dirty pics:

    Thanks for any information, I am happy to give more detail if required!
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    Re: Unknown vintage 'Marathon'

    I don't know about Marathon, but the movement is marked Enicar.


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    Re: Unknown vintage 'Marathon'

    The Marathon watch you have might have been a product of the extant Marathon Watch (a Canadian company). A complication is that the movement (an Adolf Schild AS 1194) is marked "ENICAR WATCH Co" so it may be a replacement movement of the same caliber (you can learn more about the AS 1194 here: AS 1194).

    The watch looks to be from the 50s as you say but likely isn't a military watch. This style of watch was popular at that time and one can find many like it. For example, here's a similar somewhat more recent Rodania watch.

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