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    Unkown pocket watch

    I am trying to identify an old pocket watch. Below are some pictures. Any info will be greatly appreciated since this has been in the family some time and no one knows when it was made and the brand. All that appears on the back is a train, Railway and faded the beginning on another word with Re....the rest is worn off. A repair person in my town said it is a Roskopf system, but the inside does not look the same and the brand is not visible. The are no marking on the inside besides the serial number 4999.

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    Re: Unkown pocket watch

    Continental European pocket watches of the turn of the century tend to be relatively generic. It is often impossible to identify the maker. This is one of those. If the inside of the caseback has any hallmarks, that may help us tell you more.

    Kind of a nice watch. I like the 2-4-0 engine. It is also almost certainly European.
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    Re: Unkown pocket watch

    Quote Originally Posted by Eeeb View Post
    It is also almost certainly European.
    Swiss made I'm sure, and with those hands, minute track and only French on the balance cock, destined I suspect for the French market, though I'd keep the German market in reserve as they too liked those hands and minute track - often the French ones seemed to have the minute numbers inside the hours, not outside.

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    Re: Unkown pocket watch

    And of course...

    ...not Roskopf, this is a much nicer jeweled lever movement with most likely 15 Jewels, which was fully jeweled at the time.

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