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    Very unusual watch or Very Rare

    My 1939 Bulova diamond dial watch must be very rare. The only reference to it is found in Cooksey Shugarts guide to watches. I cannot find any other reference to it on the internet or in any other books.

    Watch guide reference
    The RNS letters on the dial are my fathers initials. Inside the case the movement is marked as a Bulova and the case is marked as platinum.
    Why can't I find any reference to this watch? I have posted in various watch forums but as of yet noone has any been able to offer any clues to the model or any other information. If it weren't for the watches guide I would think I had a one of kind watch.

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    It looks like a long, thin Bulova tank watch with a custom dial

    I've seen these in gold filled cases. I think they were meant to compete with Gruen Curvex models and were sold in the 1930s and 1940s (the Bulova movement will have a date symbol on it)

    The dial with your father's initials is likely redial or a custom dial (since I haven't seen Bulova's with that style of hours markers)

    Since it's a platinum case, those might be diamonds on the dial.

    As for rare ... platinum cased watches are rare. Ones with custom dials are more so .. you may in fact have a one of a kind watch.

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    Re: Very unusual watch or Very Rare

    i think i've seen these referred to as 'contract' watches. jewelers would swap in new, heavily jeweled dials and different precious metal cases.

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