Vintage 1909 Longines Pocket/Lapel Watch

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    Vintage 1909 Longines Pocket/Lapel Watch


    My girlfriends grandfather gifted her a vintage Longines pocket watch some years ago. It dates back to 1909. I contacted Longines to request further information on this particular time piece, but their response was limited- As seen bellow

    "Originally, the serial number 2'060'899 identifies a Longines mechanical manually movement, caliber 11.87. It was invoiced on 1 December 1909 to the company Longines-Wittnauer, which was at that time our agent for the U.S.A. The other parts of the watch were produced locally under license from Longines. Unfortunately, since the relevant archives are not in our possession, we are unable to provide any further information on your model. Hoping this information is convenient to you, we remain at your entire disposal for any additional request you may have."

    At first sight, you can see this pocket watch was retrofitted with a small golden clasp to convert it into a wrist watch- I believe this is common for the era.

    I am posting today, to see if any of you have further information for us. We are looking for some historic information on the watch, and if possible, a ball park appraisal.

    Here is some info upon initial inspection:

    The case back serial number is "2060899" It is engraved with "Longines W.Co" "14k" "585 FINE"
    The dust cover serial number is "5042952"
    Beneath this number is a hand engraved code "P1900C"

    I have quite the watch selection myself, but my knowledge with vintage watches is limited. Thank you all in advance for your time, consideration, and insight!



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    Re: Vintage 1909 Longines Pocket/Lapel Watch

    That's one lovely Longines in a great condition! One lug and the bow over the crown at the same time? Common? No. Not to my knowledge at least. But then again, my knowledge of early wristwatches is very limited. I have no idea how would that be converted into a wristwatch- strap through the lug and the bow? In its widest point the bow does appear as wide as the lug, but...
    I believe that Longines gave you all the data they could, at least for an American market piece. You've got the date of manufacture and calibre number- in case of PWs, that's good enough, I think. With a solid gold case- it is solid gold, I believe- it is an interesting piece all the more. Hopefully someone else here will be able to tell you more.
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    Re: Vintage 1909 Longines Pocket/Lapel Watch

    This is a fairly typical ladies modification to allow the watch to be worn with a ribbon through the lower lug. You can see the wear pattern from this on the case back.

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