Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom
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Thread: Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom

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    Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom

    Hello all,

    I’ve been a member here for quite some time, mostly just as a longtime reader, first time writer.

    I was recently gifted a vintage gold Alpha antimagnetic watch that was owned by my deceased grandfather (images attached). I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the watch? Both my brother and I have looked online, but can’t find any info. We are both amateur watch collectors, and definitely want to keep this watch in the family. Thank you for any information!
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    Re: Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom

    The case lugs look 1950's style. If you can take a picture of the movement, that would help.
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    Re: Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom

    Looks like a nice piece, in very clean condition. There are many hits for "ALPHA" in the mikrolisk database, so a peek inside might help narrow things down.
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    Re: Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom

    To me it looks like a 40's model.

    That small "a" logo would make it a Paul Schwarz-Etienne Co watch. I believe they switched logo from a big "A" in 1942 as there was another manufacturer with a very similar logo.

    They never went out of business.

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    Re: Vintage Alpha Antimagnetic heirloom

    That's a beautiful watch! Are there any patent numbers on the band? Those can be used to find the date the patent was filed and that tells you the band was manufactured some time after that. Of course, the band may be a replacement but it's still useful information about the history of this particular watch.

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