Sounds a good solution! Having said all that, I have to say, it's a nice looking watch and I, for one, would wear it. My comments about the plating are mainly academic – let's assume that it was done properly by a well-meaning person. As to the exhibition back, well, I don't really like them, but that's just personal taste.

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Ok, gentlemen, then Valjoux 22 it is. Thank you for the information.

As for Habitant's remarks, very well put, of course, I must say I noticed everything that was pointed from the first glance at the piece. Nevertheless, I considered it could be a good deal mostly because of the movement: around here, we don't stumble upon one pusher, column wheel chronos everyday; besides, the machine is very well preserved and works fine. Even considering the modifications, it's a good-looking watch, pretty decent and wearable (it's on my wrist right now!). By the strenght of its venerable caliber, still very alive after eight decades of use, I consider that this particular piece retains some dignity...

I'm fully aware it bears no value from the collectibility point of view, but I do not intend to sell it or part with it so soon. As for the value I paid for it, well... let's say that it was priced near an all-original chrono, with a renowned caliber, but in average to bad condition, or near a well preserved cam operated Landeron. A really good specimen would have costed me two or three times what was asked for this one. I obviously have in mind Brazil's market for vintage watches.

Concerning the size of the debt, it was small enough to make me accept the deal. As you must know, we're in the middle of an economic recession here in Brazil. My watchmaker suffered very badly the effects of this desaceleration: for months, he was unable to honour his debt with me (and with others of his clients) in order to keep his shop working. So, it happened to be the best way to resolve our question.

As you all can see, we're in our way back to a barter economy...