vintage benrus and hamilton value

Thread: vintage benrus and hamilton value

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    vintage benrus and hamilton value

    hey guys im new to the vintage thread so im sure this info can be found somewhere in this forum i just cant find it...

    im looking to buy my first vintage watch and i have a friend who can get me a 1964 benrus military watch or a 1981 hamilton (W-46374B). they are both in good to very good condition and the benrus comes with the original strap...what would be the value of these watches so i know what price to bargain for/know if im getting ripped off.

    also, anything i should look for to make sure its not a fake or has been tampered with?

    thanks for any help

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    Re: vintage benrus and hamilton value

    We don't do valuations the reasons are posted in the Article and Reference section at the top. There is also this article posted there on how to do it yourself

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