This watch was in my grandmother's jewelry box, then my dad's odds and ends box, and now it's in my drawer - I've tried researching what i can on it, and have not come up with much. I know its a Benrus, I know its old, and after that... not much. Googling the markings on the back and case hasn't gotten me anywhere. It's been something of a mystery for a long time, and hopefully someone can tell me what I'm actually looking at.

I've found the odd ladies' Benrus with a similar (but different) hexagonal case floating around, but the numbering on the dial doesn't match anything I've found. It seems a bit large for a vintage ladies' watch, at least to me.

Inside the case, stamped:

Made in U.S.A.
14 Karat Gold
By Metal

On the back of the movement:

Model M unadjusted
Shockproof pat'd
Seven 7 Jewels
Benrus Watch Co. S1003
(and a few other markings I can't made it out without magnification)

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Thank you!