Vintage Benrus Pointer Help
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Thread: Vintage Benrus Pointer Help

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    Vintage Benrus Pointer Help

    I have a vintage Benrus Day/Date Pointer with turtle lugs.  It is 10K RGP with a stainless steel back.  Couldn't tell you much more about it because my research has not turned up model numbers or what kind of movement to expect inside.  It was my great grandfather's watch and, according to the first watchmaker I took it too, very rusted out and full of parts that need replacing that are no longer made.  What I'm wondering is, does anyone know a Benrus specialist who might be able to take a look at it?  If the first watchmaker was right, that's fine, but I would love a second opinion from someone who knows Benrus.  The watch obviously isn't worth much, but I would love to get it working and keep it as a family heirloom. Thanks all!

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    Re: Vintage Benrus Pointer Help

    While it may be true that the parts are no longer being made, there is a supply out there and they usually are obtainable. Any chance of posting photos of the watch and movement?
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    Re: Vintage Benrus Pointer Help

    I believe that the Benrus watch you're talking about - hard to say without photos - uses a movement called the Benrus CE13 (ETA 930). Parts are easily available within the vintage watch community. Really. Try Andy Lewis at Ultravintage in Ohio, he's a good man and has done an excellent overhaul of one such for me.
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