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Thread: Vintage Bulova - some guidance needed

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    Vintage Bulova - some guidance needed

    Hey everyone - First I hope I am not posting int he wrong area, or asking the wrong things, or saying something I shouldn't. I'm a newb, so apologies ahaed of time if I make a wrong step. :-/

    I have a very old Bulova from a relative who died long before I was born. It's time it finds a home with someone who will cherish and appreciate its condition, if that someone exists.

    From what research I could do, it *seems* to be a 1939 American Eagle. The band appears original, but thats a guess.

    - The back says -

    B-14kt Solid Gold

    I've set the time and wound it and it seems to be running fine.

    I need to put it on EBay I suspect to sell it, but any info/guidance/advice appreciated.

    I also have a womans Bulova I will post separately.

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    Re: Vintage Bulova - some guidance needed

    Very nice. I would agree with your ID of American Eagle c. 1939. The bracelet is certainly period if not original. The 1939 ads for the American Eagle show a gold bracelet. Of course, they likely made the model more than one year and possibly changed bracelets in that period of time. You could identify the actual year using the case s/n and/or the symbol on the movement. But you may not want to remove the back...

    In solid gold I would say that you have an unusual watch. We don't do valuations here (see the sticky) so a far as value ???

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    Re: Vintage Bulova - some guidance needed

    Here's one just like it:

    Bulova 1940 American Eagle |

    Not sure about the leather braided band, although it was in style for men in the 1930's.

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