Vintage Bulova watch needs identifiy!

Thread: Vintage Bulova watch needs identifiy!

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    Vintage Bulova watch needs identifiy!

    So me and my mom were going through some of her old valueables and came across this bulova, it was my great grandmothers watch and it was a gift from the railroad company my great grandpa worked for. Can anyone help me identify this? or point me in a direction where I can? Also my great grandmother died in 1950 so It has to be before that. Thanks for you time!

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    Re: Vintage Bulova watch needs identifiy!


    Your Bulova is typical of 1930s to 1940s ladies wristwatches. The hands probably place it after 1933. No date code on the back of the case means pre-1950 (but you knew that it was before 1950). My guess would be mid to late 1930s. Bulova movements have a mark stamped on them that indicate the year. You would have to open the watch to find this mark. is a good resource for identification. They have many vintage ads posted. If you look through the ads from the 1930s you might find a name for the watch and other information about it.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Vintage Bulova watch needs identifiy!

    I believe this model is called GODDESS OF TIME from 1939-1940.

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