Thanks to both all this talk about pocket watches here and my recent score of a 14k gold Waltham and Illinois, I have been on a pocket watch kick. I decided that i wanted to look at pocket watches made by other companies besides Hamilton, Elgin and Waltham.

I had been looking at E.Howard for a while and missed a nice 12s a few weeks ago

I saw this vintage E.Howard size 12s pocket watch on the bay and it had the full kit that a person wearing it back in the day would have had (knife, chain, chain ornament) so i placed a bid and won it.

I was expecting a yellow gold filled watch, chain and knife based upon the pics but i was pleasantly surprised to see it was white gold.

The watch looks great in person. The original owner went all out on this watch. The watch and knife has his initials on it. The knife has a engraved pattern on the one side and the blades are marked stainless steel. In small letters at the base of the blade is Howard (showing that he bought the knife from E.Howard. The chain is thin but engraved. The arrowhead is nice also. Somebody spent a goodly amount on this watch. I have seen vintage Howard ads in that time period and all the pocket watches started at $60 (which is over $1200 in 2018 money)

The only damage I can see is that one side of the crown looks like it was rubbed on so there is wear but it is a 101 year old watch.

I did make a bit of a modification to the chain. The chain looped through the arrow head instead of it being attached to a chain link. This made it slid up against the watch. So I put the arrow head link through a link in the chain. I also switched out the small belt loop clasp with a bigger one. I used the original clasp to hold the pocket knife to the chain.

However as cool as the chain looks, I am sure it will not hold up to use being pulled out of the watch pocket so I have removed it and put it safely away along with the knife and arrow head. I will use it for a special occasion and use a solid (and modern) chain for normal wearing.

So if you like pocket watches, look also at Howard

Here are some pics. The pic of the movement is the sellers